​​​​​​Slower Growing Heritage Bred Chicken

for optimal animal welfare and food quality

​​Welcome to Sommerlads' Poultry and the home of ethical poultry production.

We are committed to producing Australia’s premium chicken, differentiated by our

exclusive heritage genetics and traditional farming methods.

Our home farm “Kildare” is situated at Tenterfield in the New England Highlands of northern NSW. This is where

we manage our strains of heritage table poultry and set the standard for producing Sommerlad chicken.

We are also committed to helping reconnect people to their local farmer and food source and have

a network of dedicated family farmers in other regions of Australia.


​   Unique Genetics                 Pasture Reared           Outstanding Flavour

​​Sommerlad chickens are hand reared in small groups for up to 14 weeks of age.​ (Standard chickens are processed at 5 weeks).

As well as foraging through the paddock they are offered non GM whole grains and NO antibiotics.

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The unique breeding of our chickens allows them to thrive outdoors and slowly and naturally develop into gourmet quality table birds. Enjoy their nutrient dense meat with outstanding texture and flavour.​​

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We've created something new

from something old. Returning to our country's heritage breeds of table poultry, we have bred our own hardy, slower growing chickens, specifically suited to free-range pasture rearing.​​

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